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3 Reasons You’re Wasting Money on Your Site (How to Get More Leads)

3 Reasons You’re Wasting Money on Your Site (How to Get More Leads)

The one thing all business owners have in common, or at least the smart ones, is that they want their business to grow.

They want more leads, more customers, more revenue, and the cat is out of the bag —> you can do this through your website.

However, it’s not that simple. 

  • A shiny new website design does not equal more leads.
  • New content on your website does not equal more leads.
  • Heck, a bucket load of new traffic to your site doesn’t even equal more leads!

The most important element of your website is whether or not it persuades visitors to either sign up to your mailing list, purchase a product, send you an email, or give you a call.

You want your website to tell people to do something!

(This is called adding a “call to action” to your website)

Here are three reasons why you may be wasting money on your website (or just click here to buy the $5 gig that will save you time and money)

1) New Web Design

I’ve spoken with new clients who always finish their conversation with me like this,

“Where were you when I was redesigning my website?”

The reason is because a lot of people believe the nicer their website looks, the more customers they will get. Business owners spend thousands of dollars and weeks of time they don’t have on a new web design, and see very little return with regards to lead generation. This is because, the site may be pretty, but people aren’t doing anything with it. They’re not contacting you or signing up to your mailing list.

I agree you want your website to look nice. But, you also want your website to be simple, clear, and concise. Most importantly, you want some sort of “call to action” on it, and you want it pretty visible to the visitor. It shouldn’t be intrusive, but it should be easy enough for the customer to access and sign up to your mailing list.

2) New Content

Business owners don’t have much time, and writing content, let alone quality content, for your website can take a lot of time. I’ve met with clients who started blogging religiously (3-4 times per week), compiled a bunch of newsletter broadcasts to send out to people, or put together a long form PDF as a resource for people to download.

Problem? They don’t have anyone reading their stuff. 

If they did this themselves, they waste time. If they hired someone, they wasted money.

Having content is AMAZING (it truly is), but only if people are accessing it. This is where making sure your website is persuasive and clear comes handy!

3) Website Traffic (The BIGGEST Mistake People Make)

This is by far the biggest and most expensive mistake people make before sitting down with me.

It easy pretty easy to simply spend hundreds of dollars per week on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, robot visits, Redhat SEO tricks etc., and just see the traffic on your website increase significantly over a short period of time.

There is A LOT wrong with this, but I’ll focus on two in particular.

The first thing is you have all these new people coming to your website, and they don’t know what to do once they get there.

So what happens? They leave. There’s goes the $2 to $6 you just spent on that click.

If it’s not clear what they are supposed to do on your website, and the reasons WHY they should do that particular thing, they will leave. Then *POOF*, just like that they’re gone, and so is your money.

Now the second thing can be a bit more detrimental to your business if you let it continue for too long and don’t change your website.

You have all these people who clicked your ad, visited your site, and left because they realized there was nothing to do there, or they didn’t know what to do. The next time they see your website come up in a search (organically or paid) what makes you think they will visit you again? 

Even if you fix up your website to ensure it offers clear value and instruction to the visitor, you’ll have to try extra hard to get them back on your website the second time around.

Do not make these mistakes and ruin so many first impressions of your website!

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