Three Things People Will Pay For Alexander Yolevski

Three Things People Will Pay For

Nowadays, while options for consumers have become overwhelmingly extensive, what people will pay for has never been more straightforward. With so much competition within each industry, ensuring your goods or services are offered with these three things in mind help you stick out from the pack to prospective customers.

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Clients Hate Making Decisions, So Do This Instead 2

Clients Hate Making Decisions, So Do This Instead

We all know the overwhelming abundance of resources and options available to us as a consumer, a business owner, and a client. There is A LOT. To be make this more confusing, it’s not always easy to figure out what sucks, what’s important, and what’s simply a waste of your money. As a business owner, you …

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Marketing Has Nothing to Do With You - Yolevski

Marketing Has Nothing To Do With You

Marketing expert Seth Godin would agree that the old ways of marketers have no place within the new age where online marketing dominates. Marketing is not advertising. The “Mad Men” days of spending money on ads to make more money are over. It’s not about flaunting your brand, your logo, or even your product. It’s …

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