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My Favourite Restaurants in Toronto

Best Toronto Restaurants Yolevski
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m a huge foodie. I used to be a food writer for BlogTO, I then had my own Toronto food blog for a while, and now my Instagram is filled with delicious food porn.

I always get asked about my recommendations for restaurants to try out in the city, and my answer always changes depending on what you feel like, where you are, and why you’re going.

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Do You Remember the Same Details As Everyone Else?

Do You Remember the Same Details as Everyone Else? Yolevski

Have you ever looked back at a meeting, a conversation, or a certain time in your life?

There are certain details you remember, emphasize, sometimes obsesses over, and those details become pivotal as a representation of whatever it is you are reminiscing about.

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Three Things People Will Pay For

Three Things People Will Pay For Alexander Yolevski

Nowadays, while options for consumers have become overwhelmingly extensive, what people will pay for has never been more straightforward. With so much competition within each industry, ensuring your goods or services are offered with these three things in mind will help you stick out from the pack.

Here are the three things people will pay for.

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3 Reasons You’re Wasting Money on Your Site (How to Get More Leads)

The one thing all business owners have in common, or at least the smart ones, is that they want their business to grow.

They want more leads, more customers, more revenue, and the cat is out of the bag —> you can do this through your website.

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Clients Hate Making Decisions, So Do This Instead

We all know the overwhelming abundance of resources and options available to us as a consumer, a business owner, and a client. There is A LOT. To be make this more confusing, it’s not always easy to figure out what sucks, what’s important, and what’s simply a waste of your money.

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People Aren’t Doing This One Simple Thing To Get Clients

Do This One Simple Thing to Get Clients

I can’t believe I am writing a post on this, but apparently it’s not common sense, Which is why this post will be extremely beneficial to you.

There is one ridiculously simple thing that people with businesses are not doing with their current clients, nor are they doing it to get new clients.

This one simple thing will be sure to make you stick out in the eyes of prospective clients, help them like you more, and make your overall relationships, much happier ones.

What is it?

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Can You Impress a Kid? It’s Not That Easy Anymore

Do you think you can impress a KID? Today? This might seem like an odd question to ask. However, it would be a huge mistake to think of this as an easy task.

I found myself stumbling into the Geek Street Fair powered by Google Canada in Toronto’s Distillery District today.

While it’s directed towards educating and inspiring kids about building technology, I couldn’t help but wish I was 10 years old, right there and then. I was amazed, inspired, and excited all over again at the mediums, channels, and opportunities available for kids to learn and love technology innovation in the most fun ways possible.

Then it dawned on me; if any of these kids decided to pursue a career in technology, they will become significantly better at it then a lot of us older people ever could or can. Why? Because they are learning about it in ways that are absolutely mesmerizing compared to how we are all trying to read up or catch up on the latest trends (Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare etc).

Google Geek Street Festival Toronto Distillery

I then asked myself another question, how could I ever impress a kid? How could I ever impress someone whose foundation has been so heavily established and planted into the love for technology since practically birth? Instead of asking what do I know that they don’t, and I can teach them, I should ask, what can I learn from them?

The task of impressing a child is becoming increasingly difficult if we fail to recognize there is much more to learn from today’s generation of children than there has ever been.

They are learning about technology in ways that simply aren’t available to adults (or at least not easily accessible).

No need to fret. This helps build a circle of inspiration, motivating adults to join the enthusiasm around technology with their kids, learning together, keeping both sharp on the matter. I know this inspires me not only to learn more than I know about technology, but more importantly, to learn how to have fun with it. Learn how to have the most fun possible, and build the same passion and excitement you see kids have when staring at some of the stuff available for the first time.

It’s great to see programs, festivals, and workshops like Google’s Geek Street festival happening around the city. There should be more of it… for adults maybe? :)

View more images from the GeekStreet Fair here.

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I Ate a Lot & Never Lifted a Weight: This Gym Changed My Life In 3 Months

Let’s start with the result.

I have never been this fit, this lean, and this much in shape ever before in my entire life.

Even if you want to go as far back as my high school or elementary days when I was on every sports team, I had never lifted a single weight prior to joining Ferris360. I love sports, but have always hated the mundane regiments of working out. Furthermore, I have always loved eating as much as I hate diets.

Nonetheless, I lost 20 pounds, gained muscle and changed my eating lifestyle in under 3 months.

Before I move on, let’s repeat what I just said. I lost 20 pounds, gained muscle in 3 months. I am very proud of this.

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Building Your Brand First Is Crucial Before Building a Business

Building Your Brand First Is Crucial Before Building a Business Yolevski

Before you start pushing products and services, trying to get new customers, focus on building your brand first. It may seem backwards in the way you should build your business, but it’s actually not and far from it. You can’t expect to build an empty business with no brand, with nothing for customers to connect to, especially nowadays. You need to establish yourself and start building your brand first, here’s why:

 Establish Who You Are & What You Do

You need to work on yourself before you can start working customers. What does your brand represent, and how will you deliver that message to your customers? What will make your brand unique? What’s so different about what your brand compared to current and potential competition? What is the style of your brand design and theme? Flat, modern, traditional, simple, clean, retro, etc. What will the messaging style of your brand be? Educational, promotional, funny, sympathetic, empathetic, antagonizing, supportive, etc.

 Build Something People Can Trust

In order for anyone to buy from you or listen to what you have to say, you have to gain their trust and respect. Your brand should be what people trust and should help propel customer loyalty. The emphasis and core component of your brand should be about staying transparent and beneficial to current and future customers. Whether this be through your message, content, or accessibility, your brand is what will get customers to purchase products or services from you. More importantly, your brand is what will either encourage or prevent customers from telling friends and family about what you do and what you provide for people.

 Grow Your Brand & Learn From Feedback

Finally, you want to make sure you grow your brand and improve the authority status you’ve gained within your field or industry specialty. Build on the trust and momentum you’ve attained throughout the process of creating, designing, implementing, and distributing your brand online. Most importantly, you want to learn from the feedback, complements and criticism you’ve received from your targeted audience. This information is more important than any metric, stat, or number you read from whatever business resource you like to refer to.

Your brand is your business. Without a brand, you have no business. Without a brand, you have no customers. Instead, you have this empty plan to make money with nothing for your customers to reach out to, say yes to, say no to, leave suggestions for, or tell others about. So before you go ahead building your business, think about building your brand first, and how your brand will affect your customers.

Starting a business? Let’s talk about building a great brand first. Email me.


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Saying “I Don’t Know How” Is Lazy Code for “I Don’t Want To Learn”


Putting aside specific academic skills I learned from my years in university, majority of what I talk about and put into action each and every day is accumulated knowledge through life experience. I learn from others, I learn from myself, and I learn through observance. With that being said, I must conclude that 99.9% of the time anyone says, “I don’t know how”, what they are really saying is “I don’t want to learn”.

Nobody should allow their own underestimation of what they are capable of doing to become an obstacle in trying something, or learning something new.

Quite frankly, I look at it as lazy ignorance. Now, I understand that there are natural abilities that some people are born with, but for the most part, if you want to do something, you have the ability to learn how to do it.

With sites like Coursera, Codeacademy, Udemy, Skillshare, and of course Youtube, there is absolutely no reason to let not knowing something stop you from doing what you want to do.

If it does, then it’s not about not knowing, it’s about not wanting to learn how.

Specifically during the past six months I have heard many people not only make this same excuse for themselves, but they have even begun to identify themselves with various lacking knowledges. This might come in the form of not knowing how to write a blog post, not knowing how to build a simple web page or not knowing how to edit and share a photo. Also, other things that blow my mind like not knowing how to book reservations online, not knowing how to update software, and yes, even not knowing how to find specific information online… using Google.

These are things that it should never be a matter of “knowing”, but rather, be honest and just say “I don’t want to know about this stuff. I just want someone else to deal with it.” Don’t make excuses and say to yourself, “I’m not techy. I’m not a hands on type of person. I’m not a marketing guy” etc.

The worst things that can result from this frame of mind are ignorance, procrastination and eventually, failure.

If you don’t want to do something, fine. However, if you want to do something, you can! Just learn how to do it first using many resources available at your fingertips and move forward. There is nothing more refreshing than new education and using that to your advantage and success.

What do you genuinely feel you are not able to do? After reading this, would you say it’s a matter of not wanting to take the time and learn about it? 

Leave a comment below.

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