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    Hi, I’m Alexander.

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    I recently proposed to my girlfriend of 10 years and am now happily engaged.

    I recently bought the car of my childhood dreams (Mini Cooper).

    And we purchased and moved into a beautiful boutique condo in one of our favourite neighbourhoods in our favourite city.

    This all happened in one year, and I’ve never been happier.

    But I’ve been trying to figure out this whole “be happy, do what you love, make money” thing for quite some time.

    Finally, after multiple, multiple career changes and pursuits (which you can read about here), I’ve learned something very important…

    It’s not about making lots of money. It’s about building the best possible life (work and personal) that leaves you with the time and resources to do what you love, with those you care about.

    Yes, this probably will end up in you finding something you enjoy doing, are good at, and can inevitably make some good money from. But hopefully, you will end up with the time and resources to spend time doing what you love with the people you love and care about.

    So with this in mind, people need to understand one thing...there is more than one way to live your life.

    I am an online entrepreneur and author who has been able to make money through multiple streams and types of income that suit my life, my lifestyle, and my priorities. I do my absolute best to be in complete control of my own life and how I make a living out of it.

    I am writing on this site and preparing to launch a book series that focuses on living an original life by avoiding what’s expected and embracing the countless ways to live, love and enjoy your unique life, according to you.

    If you’d like to follow me on this journey and learn about the many ways you can live your life then please fill out the form below.

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    If you are first interested in learning even more about me and how I got to where I am now, read about my multi passionate ever-changing road.