I’m the Creative Director at Yolevski Creative Media.

Alexander Yolevski


Many people know me as a creative person, a very busy creative person.

However, I always get asked the same question:

“What exactly do you do?”. Good question.

I help new businesses and entrepreneurs generate leads through building their brand.

My focus is to use online marketing creatively; not just copy what everyone else is doing. Why? Because when something is done over and over and over again, it gets boring, repetitive, and most importantly, it becomes transparent to your targeted audience. People aren’t stupid. So I like to do things coming from a different angle which gives your marketing a fresh, brand new and more effective approach on increasing online awareness and lead generation for your business.

Branding is essential for any new business or company. It’s what prospective customers will eventually learn to trust, become loyal to, and tell others about. You want to make sure the most effective, but simple and transparent, marketing strategy is implemented in order for your brand to reach and influence your targeted audience.

What do I love so much about what I do? 

I love new business ideas. In fact, I’m obsessed with them and get very excited when I hear about them. For me, there is nothing like the potential of a new product or service. With Yolevski Creative Media, I can finally do that. I am now able to hear about new business ideas and help new entrepreneurs establish and grow their new businesses into something profitable and influential.

Your success is my success. The more I can build your brand, the more leads I can generate for you, the better it is for both of us. I’m not sugarcoating anything here because I don’t need to. It’s a win win situation for both of us (as so it always should be). I’m working hard for both our successes. It keeps things exciting and keeps me motivated to ensure we are both winning together. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be doing it. Trust me, I’ve quit my share of great jobs in the past to do what I love for a living… and this is it.

So let’s win together and start building your brand together!

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